Experience the Magic of Benson Grist Mill in Tooele

If you long to take a journey through the past, Benson Grist Mill is the place to begin. This historical site is a must-see for anyone visiting Tooele, Utah. The beautifully restored museum and surrounding buildings are situated in northern Toole Valley just five minutes away from our property. You’ll have plenty to do at the mill, and there are activities for the entire family to enjoy.

What Makes Benson Grist Mill Special

From the moment you step onto the mill property, you’ll sense its magic. With the Oquirrh mountain range as the backdrop, each wooden structure stands out like a delightful chapter from history. The old-west charm is manifested in a number of sights, including a quaint covered wagon, an old-fashioned windmill and a covered bridge that resonates with the romance of a lost era.

Benson Grist Mill, view from East Bridge 2014While exploring the grounds, we recommend you spend some time in the gristmill itself. You’ll see remnants of the original construction as well as the inner mechanisms of the structure. This industrial building was constructed more than 150 years ago, and although it’s been refurbished, you can still lose yourself in its history. The wood and rock construction provides a solid impression of pioneer life.

Other Structures on the Property

There are several pioneer-era buildings on the 6.98 acres of mill property. If you’re pressed for time, you can just stop by the country store to purchase mementos representing the mill. If you’d rather tour some of the grounds, the Bolinder Blacksmith Shop provides a fairly accurate illustration of the pioneer blacksmithing trade, and it’s the perfect place to bring curious little ones.

Benson Grist Mill - view from the MillersHouse 2014You may also want to take a look at the Forsyth Pioneer Cabin, which will give you a nice nostalgic glimpse into pioneer living. The miller’s home is another great place to get lost in time. The stone fireplace, inviting front porch and dark wood construction are just small examples of how magnificently crafted these old-west buildings were.

Events you Won’t Want to Miss

The warm season at Benson Grist Mill is filled with family-friendly activities focusing on the area’s pioneer legacy. From April to October, you can take part in many exciting community events. We suggest checking out the crafts at the Harvest Days Farmers Market, enjoying a show put on by the Benson Grist Mill Performing Arts Foundation and taking the family on a pumpkin walk.
Inside Millers House Oct 2014Be sure to bring your camera to these events because the grounds are overflowing with stunning views. It’s easy to navigate the different sections of the property, so you will be able to take picture breaks without losing your way. The natural scenery combined with the mill’s seasonal decorations makes this one of the most captivating and picturesque places in Tooele.

Making the Most of Your Visit

As you wander from point to point on this impressive site, you’ll probably see structures, equipment and relics that you don’t recognize. Each element of the mill is steeped in a rich history, so don’t be afraid to ask questions. The volunteers at Benson’s have wonderful stories to share about the mill and its artifacts.
Sunrise at Benson Grist MillBenson Grist Mill will transport you to a mystifying old-west world that you’ve probably only read about in history books. Whether you want to plan a day trip to the mill or you just want to take a quick hayride around the land, you’ll be able to experience the simplicity and harmony of a time gone by.