Experience the Scenic Charm of Utah’s Antelope Island State Park


Antelope Island State Park view from the Visitor Center

Utah is one of the most scenic areas in the country, so there are endless opportunities to experience the beauty of the land here. Antelope Island State Park is at the top of this list. Spanning more than 28,000 acres, Antelope Island is the largest of all the islands in the Great Salt Lake. The park is only 20 minutes from our property, and it’s easily accessible by boat or automobile.

Step into Another World

The main attribute of Antelope Island State Park is its extremely quiet atmosphere. You’ll really feel as if you’re entering a new, magical world from the moment you arrive on the island. The park is open all year, but the warm season is the ideal time to visit because of the island’s natural splendor. If you’re overwhelmed by the extraordinary views, stop by the visitor information center to get some tips on where to begin your adventure.

South Hicking Trail


We recommend that you spend your initial moments on the island just looking around. The area is rich with wildlife, including bison, mule deer, coyotes, bighorn sheep and antelope. You may even get lucky enough to see the bison or antelope wandering near the sides of the main roads. If you’re more interested in looking up, there are plenty of birding opportunities as well.

Become one With Nature

The main activity at the state park is hiking, and it’s no wonder considering the unique and stunning geology of the island. You’ll find more than 35 miles of back-road trails that you can hike, bike or explore on horseback. With so much to discover, you can easily spend hours on the country trails. What better way to experience the gifts Mother Nature provides than to lose yourself in her world?

Buffalo Run

Another popular pursuit on the island is photography. There are impressive sights all around the park, but White Rock Bay and Buffalo Point are the best spots to click the hours away. A magnificent mountain range overlooking gorgeous beaches makes the perfect backdrop for your photos. There are also remarkable varieties of flora and fauna for the focus of your pictorial masterpieces.

Get Lost in Time

One of our favorite features of Antelope Island is its mystery. The peaceful and charming environment is enchanting, and you can truly sense the history of the island, particularly at Fielding Garr Ranch. The ranch is located at Garr Springs, and it’s one of the oldest functional ranches in the western part of the country. This is the best place on the island to lose yourself in a completely different era.

Antelope running free and eating grass

The Great Salt Lake offers another way to get lost in time. Like a sparkling fountain of youth, this ultra-salty, extra buoyant water will transport you back to your childhood as you float away the hours. If that’s too low-speed for you, the water is ideal for kayaking and sailing as well. Once you’re ready to feel the land beneath your feet again, you can bask in the sun on the white-sand beach or settle down for a picnic in the open country.

Whether you want to take a five-minute break in nature or camp overnight at White Rock Bay, this spectacular island is worth visiting. Unlike many other state parks, Antelope Island is pristine and well cared for. You’ll instantly feel at ease in the natural wonder of the island. We believe it’s the perfect getaway if you need some time to recharge and revitalize your spirit.