Racing Into History: A Look at the Larry H. Miller Total Performance Museum

When most people hear the word museum, bland buildings with stuffy exhibits may come to mind. Whether or not you have an appreciation for most museums, you are sure to find something much different at the Larry H. Miller Total Performance Museum in Tooele, Utah.

Racing CarsMiller Motorsports Park may be best known for its road racing facilities. In fact, located just over 30 miles from Salt Lake City, Miller Motorsports Park is one of the best destinations for racing in the area. The go karts are especially popular, making the park an option for families, couples and more. For those interested in a racing learning experience, the park offers a Performance Training Center. Here, it is possible to take classes about different types of driving, such as karting or Supermoto. The center also has practical skills classes for highway driving, winter driving and new drivers.

Ford GT40With all this, Miller Motorsports Park has enjoyed a great deal of popularity. Even though it has only been open since 2006, it is already a notable tourist destination, attracting interest from people across the state, region and country. While most people come for the racing, they should be sure to stick around for the museum.

Cars Oct 2014 photoThe museum was created from the private collection of Larry H. Miller, who helped develop the entire park for the public. Miller has worked hard throughout his life, building his fortune as a car dealer and basketball team owner. Although he has dedicated much of his wealth to philanthropy and family pursuits, he has always invested some of his funds back into cars. For Miller, despite all that he has accomplished, cars have always been his first love.

Old Ford ModelAfter so many years of collecting, Miller decided to share some of his collection with the public through the museum at his motorsports park. At first glance, it might be easy to overlook the museum. It is a relatively small space, mostly contained to a single room that would be easy enough to walk through within minutes. However, this is one small museum that deserves a second look.

MustangsThe museum features a number of Miller’s best pieces, including a range of Shelby Cobras and Mustangs. The Ford GT40s are also quite popular with particular focus on a 1966 MKII Ford GT40 that was actually driven by automotive greats Chris Amon and Bruce McLaren. Other cars in the collection include the original Shelby AC Cobra Roadster and a 1964 Cobra Daytona Coupe, which won numerous races in the 1960s. In addition to the cars, the museum also has memorabilia and artwork.

1961 Shelby CobraOne of the museum’s most recent additions is also one of its most impressive. Now on display, guests can see the second oldest Ford GT40 known to be still in existence. As the fourth ever GT40 off the assembly line, this car won some acclaim in racing, but it now stands in the museum as a testament to the golden age of American automobiles.

original Shelby AC Cobra RoadsterGuests are welcome at the museum for a tour, but it is also a unique option for social gatherings. The museum is available for rent, which means anyone can host their next party or gathering among some of the most impressive cars in American history. It has been the location for wedding receptions, employee events and business meetings. The museum will work with guests to set up the space to accommodate a number of people and activities.

oldest Ford GT40Whether you are a long time racing fan or a novice in the world of motorsports, take a lap back into history at the Larry H. Miller Total Performance Museum.